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What are the certificates of overflow basins, which confirm the suitability of long-term use of these materials in a wet environment?

Artificial (engineering) marbles: Advantages and Disadvantages

Sharp edges smoothing

Based on previous question, what assurances can a company provide to its customers?

What should I know about the warranties on natural stones?

At which parts of a pool, decorative stones can be used?

Decorative Stones

Natural Stones

Marbles in the strict geological sense

Artificial Stones

Marbles in the commercial sense

The main groups of colour

Natural and Artificial Stones

The sensitive colours

Natural Stones Categories

Initial surface of the stones

Artificial Stones Categories

Initial separation of the edges (profile) to pool accessories indoor and abroad

The most common edges of the stones

Finishing types

Product Type/Profiles


Overflow Out Lanes

Angular Overflows

Steps in the pool

Flooring outside the pool

Lining the pool

What about the free shape pools?

Grate Profile and Profile of special angular pieces

Water Drain Grates for channels

Exterior Profile of Out Lane

Interior Profile of Out Lane

Interior Profile of Copings

Exterior Profile of Copings

Extrerior Profile of Skimmer Copings

Exterior Profile of Waterfall Copings

Overflows copings

Super Ideal Coping

Skimmer Copings

Waterfall Copings

Ideal Coping

Slim Coping

Coping with handle grip and bullnosed

Coping with Bullnose and Non slippery strips

Coping with Demi Bullnose

Coping with Full Bullnose

Coping with beveled edge

Drain Grate Type A

Drain Grate Type B

Drain Grate Type E

Drain Grate Type E-25

Drain Grate Type E-25-SS

Drain Grate Type H

Drain Grate Type L

Drain Grate Type C

Drain Grate Type D

Drain Grate Type F

Drain Grate Type G

Drain Grate Type I

Drain Grate Type J

Drain Grate Type M

Drain Grate Type N

Drain Grate Type O

Drain Grate Type S

Drain Grate Type T



Overflow Set

Out Lane

Overflow Coping

Skimmer Coping

Straight Line Coping

Curvilinear Coping

Trapezoid Coping


What techniques are used for the treatment of materials?

Protection liquids do not protect from the HCl?

Are there stones that are not affected by the HCI?

Do the marble grates need any special treatment?

How often must the marble accessories be cleaned?

What is the procedure for cleaning the marble pool accessories?

Since the marble accessories are been waterproofed, why cleaning them?

What do we mean referring to impact of acid to marble pool accessories?

What kind of maintenance do the marble pool accessories need?

What extra safety do the stone swimming pool accessories offer?

How does salt water affects marble accessories?

What is the duration of waterproofing treatment?

Who and when applies waterproofing treatment?

What is the damage that pool water could cause in the stone (marble) accessories?

What puts in danger the pool accessories?

Are there rocks which are not affected by low pH?

How durable to ice are the stones that the company recommends?

How resistant to acids are the stones of the company?

How certain is that the company’s marble grates drain the pool water that overflows?

How durable to breaking are the marble grates of the company?

What are the main advantages of someone choosing stone (marble) swimming pool accessories?

Customer Service

How important is for the company the After Sales Service to the customers?

How is the company dealing with problems and complaints of customers?

Payments - Orders - Delivery

Which is the tax class and the analytic description of our products included in the commercial export invoice?

What are the usual Terms of delivery of products?

How we ensure our customer for safe delivery of goods?

What should the customer do to ensure a proper delivery?

How secure is the packing of our products?

How are the products packed?

When the factory starts the production of an order?

What are the conditions when loading an order?

What are the common delivery terms?

Payment Terms


What are the means of transportation?

What is the procedure for samples transportation to our commercial partner/customer?

Could the transport cost of first samples be credited to the next customer’s order?

Why has a customer to pay the transportation cost of the samples?

Could I receive free samples to my site?

What is the policy of the company for the samples?

Specifications - Design

About what should we be cautious during installation of copings?

About what should we be cautious during installation of marble grate?

What are the requirements for a proper installation of products?

About what shall we be cautious when ordering copings for a pool imprinted by means of geometry?

About what shall we be cautious when ordering copings for a pool imprinted on template?

About what shall we be cautious when ordering copings for a pool imprinted digitally?

What measures are required for a swimming pool?

Who has the responsibility for measuring a project?

How can a layout be measured?

How can a section cut of a coping or an overflow set be measured?


What stones are available for the manufacture of overflow swimming pools?

What does durability in marble copings mean?

What does durability of drain grates mean?

Why do we mention aesthetic excellence with the use of marble?

How do we perceive the avoidance of diversity of colors?

How do we perceive the environmental sensitivity with the selection of decorative stones?

Why is the use of decorative stones in the use of a swimming pool considered a luxury?

How then, can the choice of marble for the decoration of a swimming pool be regarded as of economic interest?